The Predator Gets Zack Snyder’s DP Which Means It Will Be Gorgeous (

Shane Black’s The Predator only gets more interesting with every tidbit of news that drops and this may be the biggest news for this film junkie. Larry Fong, the DP (director of photography), will be the man to help bring the visual flair of the film for Black and company. Fong is the genius behind the visual consistency of most of Zack Snyder’s films such as 300, Watchmen, Suckerpunch, and Batman v Superman. Whether you love or hate Snyder’s movies, the one constant is how gorgeously shot they are and that’s why Fong to The Predator changes everything.

Now, The Predator isn’t going to look like a comic book film which Snyder has only done, but it will give a richness in color and light to the film which makes for eye candy that may rival Olivia Munn who’s been cast in the film.

Shane Black has his own unique and crisp style of directing that will go well with the world he seems to be creating and Fong can only enhance the film from the way I see it. With Fong doing a Shane Black film, maybe we will start seeing his name pop up in even more movies in the coming future.

Source: Slash Film